Just wanted to remind everyone that many of the shops along Broughton Street, ahem - like yours truly of course, will be open late the first Friday of every month. Till 9 pm. Great news for us working girls who can get out to browse and buy after we make the bacon. Speaking of bacon...
This first Friday in April (April 6th) we will be having an EGG-STRAVAGANZA! This is going to be fun. When you check out at the register you will be able to pick an egg, crack it open and see what surprises are waiting for you inside. We will be having coupons to our store and others, and there is one golden ticket for a cute little spring gift! There may be some rotten eggs in the bunch so you'll have to get a little lucky besides. Ha! No probably not, I don't think we would do that to you. Bring your friends, bring your kids and have a little fun the Friday before Easter!
 top photo: jennsadventures bottom photo: Martha

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