A Crafters Guide: Terrariums

With spring fast approaching I have been taken over with garden fever!
My thumbs have involuntarily turned green and I have begun planning a plant overhaul in my home. I love succulents! They are easy maintenance for you plant murders out there and come in a variety of shapes and colors! One of the most eye catching and swoon worthy succulent display is the Terrarium. It's no secret that the Terrarium has made its mark in the design world and this week we will be bowing down to these little plant houses and sharing an easy how to!

* When buying supplies it is important to note the amount you will need for only one terrarium is very minimal. Try planning to make multiples or have a flock of friends over for a terrarium making party! That way you won't waste your supplies and can spread the gift with other green thumbs!

Once you've chosen your container, fill it in 1 inch increments. Gravel first, then moss, then soil. By doing this you are creating a filtering system for the plants excess water. Succulents don't need a lot of water, which makes them easy to care for.

Using your hands, make a small indent in the soil where you are placing your plant. Remove each succulent from its pot, gently loosing the roots with your fingers, and place them in there ready made home. Be mindful that you need to plant your succulents at least an inch and a half to two inches apart from each other.
 No one likes a clingy room mate.

Carefully surround your newly planted succulents with gravel. Use your creativity to make your terrarium unique. Try adding dried branches, shells, or toy animals. 
This is also a great project to involve little ones!

Terrarium Care Tips
- water once a week
- A word about water: Tap water often contain high concentration of dissolved minerals. Such minerals can build up in the plant's soil over time, causing harm. When watering your succulents, try using distilled or rain water. 
 - keep your terrarium out of direct sunlight
- if living in a humid climate, try mixing charcoal with your base layer of gravel. This will help prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. 

Now share the succulent love and plant a terrarium of your very own!
Stay tuned for more spring time craft projects, and be sure to stop by my own corner of the web world for additional how tos and an extra dose of vintage love!

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Tanya Jane said...

I simply love all your 'crafters guide' and this would definitely be my favourite! Thanks for the clear instructions, will definitely try at home :) x