Fresh Cuts: Papier du Jour et Nuit

A nice batch of new office type papers and accoutrements just arrived. Some of these are really fun and will perk up your desk with that little bit of sunshine. (rainbow stickies) Others, like these lovely pink notecards are perfect for an elegant thank you or for an urgen inquiry that more money be added to your account. (not appropriate for sending the rent check.)  For the overly anxious, I would steer clear of this clever but ennervating giant to-do pad. But if you are at ease with yourself, your surroundings and the constraints of the 24 hour day, then by all means jump right in and proudly own this to do list on your desk with your morning coffee or evening espresso. Also these little cards are cute, nice to leave for your lover, jot down those ideas that always get lost, or start dreaming for "someday". Cheers.

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