Windows Studies: Day & Night

Light is such an important element in art. I realize that all photographers and lighting designers and many others are well aware of this, but I'm really beginning to enjoy it as its own separate element. I notice it most in the windows, and all the different moods it creates. When I first started taking pictures of the new windows, I used to fight the reflections thinking they were distracting to the display, but now I really enjoy them as another element to work with and play upon. Lighting adds the element of time and place and enhances the art of the window. But its also nice just to cut back on the light and really see the design clearly. The photos below were taken by Daniel George for full contrast effect. Taken at Night, with only the interior lighting of the store, these shots show how special and unique the windows are, and you get an idea of how much time and attention is put into each one.


Side by side and a bit smaller they look like storybook windows.
Shots I took of this and other windows reveling in their reflections:

Past windows where the reflections really worked well for certain effects.

In other news, we are in the planning stages of putting together some really awesome windows this year. With Spring and Easter fast approaching, we have great material to work with. As I type, the design team is scratching out their dates and planning their runs to various places for supplies. I'll keep you posted on their goings- ons!


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