Creative Spaces: The Painter's Studio

A painter's studio is one of those enigmatic spaces that is a constant source of inspiration for us. For creative types, a studio is where you can free yourself from distraction and really focus on what you're most passionate about. What makes an artist's studio so magical is the uniqueness each one possesses. No two studios are the same, and that makes them extra special. For our latest display, we couldn't help ourselves from transferring some of this inspiration into a small corner of our store. Incorporating a few of our latest hand crafted products, painted canvases and decoupaged trays into the mix, we created a small artist's studio even Picasso would enjoy! With vintage books to source inspiration from, hour glasses to tell you when you need to take a break, and a plethora of birds, stools and canvases to paint until your heart's content, we may just have to keep this studio for our own.

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