A Table Tout Le Monde: The Provençal Life

It's finally that point in the year that we look forward to for months and months. It's that special period of time in the spring season when dining Al Fresco becomes a regular event for us. There's a narrow window of time in Savannah, just before the summer, when the weather is truly idyllic. The sun is warm, but a gentle breeze keeps you from overheating. Soon Summer will be here and unless you enjoy a side of sweat with your main course, eating outside in the intense southern heat is out of the question. Lately, we've been really hungering to lead more of the Provençal lifestyle. Home cooked meals with ingredients fresh from the market and a table full of friends, family and good wine is what we love most. And today we're ready for it! Incorporating our favorite olive wood utensils and seagrass vessels and pitchers into our latest tablescape, we're excited to take this feast outdoors! Bon Appetit!

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