Weekend Inspiration: Grand Hotels

Hotels never cease to inspire us. There have been countless times when traveling where the hotel itself was much more exciting than the actual destination. If you're lucky, or great at planning trips, then sometimes you find yourself in a hotel that is not only architecturally stunning, but happens to be rich in history as well. Though it's been several weeks since we watched Wes Anderson's latest visual treat, The Grand Budapest Hotel, the lingering joy and excitement of being in such a beautiful hotel has remained on our minds. And with our latest entry display, we couldn't help but take our love of hotels and reference it within a small collection of house and home products. Incorporating our Tocca candles, Murchison-Hume cleaning products, linens and favorite vintage silver, we created a small glimpse into the "back of house" of a hotel, where staff may frequent for any supplies they require. With hotels stuck in the forefront of our mind and the weekend rapidly approaching, the desire to spruce up our house is quickly making its way to top priority. Even if it means our home will only look like a hotel for a few short days, we can't help but feel inspired to tidy up the house this weekend.

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