Summertime Activities: The Farmer's Market

When it comes to summer activities, a trip to the beach is admittedly in the forefront of our mind. However, we never want to become creatures of habit, so every now and then it's good to shake things up and try something new. When we're not busy soaking up sun rays by the shore, you can most likely find us strolling through our local farmer's market. We love relaxing by the sea, but when we want some inspiration to get us moving again, the farmer's market is our favorite destination. There's nothing more inspiring than seeing a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and cheeses, flowers and loafs of bread lining the stalls of our park's sidewalks. Supporting local farms and farmers and seeing your neighbors do the same only instills a greater sense of community. And, the food tastes exponentially better! With our latest display we wanted to showcase our new summer kitchen accessories with some of our favorite farmer's market finds. With items like our olive wood cutting boards, French cheese knives, artichoke placemats and sea grass water pitchers, we're ready for a summertime feast! But first, a trip to the market! Bon appetit.

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