Currently Inspired: The Color Yellow

There are certain days when a particular characteristic of an item really stands out. It may be its shape, material, history or any other number of possibilities, but for one reason or another, this defining attribute grabs your attention and won't let go! Today is one of those days. The moment we woke up this morning, we felt a strong inclination towards the color yellow. Maybe it's just all of these sunny spring days we've been having are subconsciously influencing us, but this bright and bold color keeps beckoning our attention! Seeing as our focus is stuck on yellow, we thought it seemed fitting to showcase a few of our new favorite yellow stationary supplies and gifts. Notebooks, paper goods, pencils and so much more are all shining bright on our shelves and we're loving it! Stop by soon and see the rest of our colorful collection of goods!

Available at The Paris Market.

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