Currently Inspired: Cozy Bedroom Nook

The past few weeks we've been having lots of fun rearranging displays. With Summer right around the corner, we've been steadily transitioning out of any winter displays that may remain. Though it's not beach season yet, we can't help but feel excited for the warmer months ahead, especially as we begin displaying some of our favorite summertime goods. It may not be Summer specific per se, but our new bedroom nook was easily one of the most fun corners to display. Given the space we had to work with, we tried to keep this nook as cozy as possible. To give the room more of a nostalgic atmosphere, we incorporated a few of our favorite vintage items. With an old record player, found photos and a vintage set of badminton rackets to play with, who wouldn't want to cozy up in this little corner? Stop by soon and check out the rest of our new displays! You never know what you might find at the Paris Market!

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