Currently Inspired: Potting Shed Essentials

It's dried flower heaven in the Paris Market! Bright pops of colorful florals have been steadily making their way into the store and we're loving it! Gathering bits of nature to bring inside always manages to make life feel healthier, and with summer rapidly approaching, we anticipate we'll be bringing in a whole lot more! Surrounding ourselves with bundles of dried flowers has been a great reminder for us to spend a few extra hours this week in the potting shed, so we've been gathering some of our greatest garden essentials to help us with the task at hand. With forged iron scissors, gardner's soap and a whole gang of terra cotta pots on hand, what else could a gardner need? Maybe a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade, but we'll leave that one up to you. Stop by soon for all your potting shed essentials and transform your home into a lively, nature-filled paradise today!

Available at The Paris Market.

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