The Wonderful Cabinet of Curiosity

Ah, the curiosity cabinet!


Collections of the wonderful! Most often an assorted stash of the natural world in both its sublime (feathers?) and gross (skulls?) state. And how wonderful it is to actually hold what we read about in books (or on google or kindle or whatever) and to turn it around in our own bare hands! And, we can wonder (with curiosity of course) what the heck is this? where did this come from? How did it get to be this way and how did it form so nicely? A curiosity cabinet in every home would be great, don't you think? We have just about everything in this cabinet below, life studies, pressed flowers, magnifying glasses, skulls-coyotes and crocodile alike, old bones, bugs trapped in lucite, coral, occasional taxidermy, and the odd little artifact you just have to hold on to. I see the Paris Market as one big walk-in curiosity cabinet. You never know what you will find and digging in crates and bins and peeking around the next corner is half the fun.

Our cabinets of curiosities (and pretties):

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