Postcards from Paris: {Merce and the Muse}

It was a day where sitting indoors felt almost felt like I was cheating myself. The cafes on the way to Le Marais, and all through it, were filled with people. Good looking, stylish people who were out to see and be seen. The sky was blue. The sun was out. The breeze was nice. Thursday has never felt so liberating. My mind kept being fooled into thinking it was the weekend. That's one thing that will always impress me about this city. Restaurants, especially those in Le Marais, are always full. One would think, who even has a regular day job in Paris? Do people have obligations other than sitting and eating, or sitting and sipping, or sitting and smoking? I would assume not. Perhaps everyone is a part-time au pair like me, afternoons off to explore the cafe scene, then once the gouter hour approches we all head back to our designated neighborhoods to grab the compotes and spread Nutella about in some shape or form.
The leisure afternoons filled with people is something I will continue to allow my mind to decipher, all while exploring new places to eat.
My newest place of indulgence is a friendly place on rue Dupuis, called Merce and the Muse. A simple display for food, made with fresh ingredients. Each bite released an intriguing detail to my palette. Hints of mint and cilantro are probably my favorite surprise ingredients. Beet pizza topped of with leafy arugula, and green beans prepared with the perfect amount of crisp. Merce and the Muse has little New York details. The friendliness of the staff and the fresh mint water sitting on the counter free to, 'serve yourself' All affordable and delicious. Thursdays are great.
Merce and the Muse
1 bis Rue Dupuis
75003, Paris


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