Horticulture with Holley Jaakkola

                                                                                                                           photo on right by Richard Leo Johnson (Savannah Magazine)
In the current issue of Savannah Magazine, Holley Jaakkola celebrates the 275th anniversary of the Isle of Hope with the stories and memories of her neighbors and introduces us to a way of life that makes this place so magical and desirable. 

Part of that magic for Holley is her garden. We have some of her beautiful arrangements in the store right now and they all have a delightful presence - light, airy, graceful and always in an interesting container; giant sponges or seashells, antique cloches, rustic copper and wooden planters, and even a silver sugar bowl or teacup when just right. Just thought I'd share with you all a bit of what she has shared with us.

 Thanks Holley!

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