Postcards from Paris: {Another Pink Post}

Give me the scent of the powdery-perfume of rose, and immediately without another leading thought I have conjured up specific imagery to accompany that specific scent:
Lace in shades of pastel-little tea sets with tiny flowers painted in gold-macarons from Laduree-and then  there are scenes from Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette.
That imagery plays throughout my mind the moment that specific scent seeps through my senses. For lack of a more sophisticated description, I will say that it is the epitome of feminity. A compilation of all things girly, and an often-appearing essence that can be found throughout Paris. I am constantly discovering various products flavored Rose. I am tempted to purchase whatever it is that is being offered in this dainty, delicate, flowery flavor each and every time. From biscuits to rose petal preserves, from teas to chewing gum. And again the constantly mentioned, on my behalf; rose macarons. The fluffy rose cream in between the vibrantly- pink, perfectly-smooth discs gets me everytime. Without fail, I always wish I had bought two.
All of these products in this feminine flavor have become my prescription in moods where tomboy tendencies start to take over. I imagine that feminity is instantly restored after a little indulgence, that my cheeks get a hint of pink in them and my lips turn the shade of a rose flavored macaron. I pretend, but really I think the end result is a sweet-tooth which has been satisfied.

painting done by this <3 one <3
vintage china from The Paris Market
film stills from Marie Antoinette

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