Pet Pleasures: Be kind to your four-legged friends

Well, we're not the only ones on the planet! If cats and dogs had a Favorite Things blogpost, I think some of these creature comforts would definitely be on it.
1. Belgian Laundry Basket with Moroccan Pillows (makes a comfy bed for your dog or cat, 2. Knitted Dog Dolls, 3. Giant Yarn Ball from India, 4.Price's Fresh Air-Eliminates Odours-Candle, 5. Dogs Book, 6. Knitted Cat Doll, 7. Fresh Lavender Bundle (known to keep fleas away), 8. Leather Pouf in yellow (a perfect spot for your feline or little dog), 9. Spool of Twine (new arrival!) 10. Cement Garden Bird (at least the cat can pretend), 11. Marbles to chase, 12."Treats" Tin, 13. Vintage Swiss Army Dog Vest from France.

What did I miss?

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Sally Jenkins said...

I know a cat that is going to love that basket!