Postcards from Paris: {A Monthly Routine for Fashion}

It's a small satisfaction that is a justified expense by the excuse that it can improve my french. And since I have my degree in fashion,and find myself in continual pursuance of making it my career, this small pleasure that comes out once a month takes on no guilt from me.
Routinely, at some point within the first week of the month I stop by the little green newsstand in front on the metro to pick up the new copy of Paris Vogue. Always wrapped in plastic, and sometimes with an added bonus inside I always perform the same scene, like in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory; where Charlie frantically rips open the paper wrapping his chocolate in pursuit of finding that golden ticket.
If I am en route back to my place I normally will scan through the pages, flipping the magazine section by section to see what my eye catches. If I am on my way to ride the metro somewhere, I avoid the chairs that flip up and down, and I make certain to find a seat where I won't have to get up and stand if the metro becomes too crowded. That way I bury myself in the pages of la mode and the ride is an enjoyable one. 
For me, Vogue will always be a tangible necessity. Though I admire many blogs, and look at several on a daily basis. They can never replace the relationship I have with Vogue. Too many content moments spent while flipping through the glossy pages of past issues, being inspired as to what to wear, and entertaining myself  and friends humorously with the monthly horoscopes. There is no replacement.
Tonight Vogue is hosting Fashion Night (8Sept 2011) all along Avenue Montaigne. I'm certain there will be loads and glamour and glitz on the avenues and rues nearby, and I've got my golden ticket.


lauren said...

Yes! I love Vogue, and I too have a relationship with it. haha. I just picked up the Italian Vogue last month and of course the American September issue came last fall which I'm still devouring. I actually saved the Italian Vogue in its plastic wrap as a special treat for my plane ride. I too, get excited about consuming the glossy pages of Vogue. Vive la Vogue!

Reba Baggett said...

Yes, Italian Vogue is so good!
Vive la Vogue!