Snacking with Susie (and Jeannie, and Cimmarron, and Polaris) at The Pewter Pot

When most kids skip school, they go to the mall and get coffee, or they go to a day game when the weather is nice or maybe just to the record store to smoke some weed. Not Susie. No, no. Susie and her friend Jeannie went to the barn and saddled up their horses for a ride. And really, is there a better way to blow off a school day?
Here they are in Susie’s backyard; that’s Susie on the left with her horse Cimmarron, and her friend Jeannie Henceroth, with her horse Polaris.

This was after one escapade they took from the barn to Susie’s house. They had to go a circuitous route to avoid the highway, but they came close enough to it that Susie’s mom had a small heart attack before snapping the picture of the two of them in the backyard. But you know she was impressed! I think mothers always are when their daughters exhibit such a high level of badass-ery. The back of the photo reads “Just rode in from Potomac!” I love how you can see the horse’s breath because it’s so cold out, and how they both look “Pff, this is nothing, we do this all the time.”
But that was just one escapade, their regular adventure was to ride Cimmarron and Polaris to the Pewter Pot every Saturday morning! They’d hitch them up to a lamppost in the parking lot and then go inside for a full breakfast; Susie got the cheddar cheese omelet with bacon, homemade muffins and hot tea. So, you know, the phrase snacking with Susie has some real roots.
Ahh, the adventures of  youth!
 Susie in riding gear and ready to jump with Cimmarron


Reba Baggett said...

I love this insider story to The Paris Market's very own barista.
Honestly, not much has changed. I would say that Susie's the rebellious one of us all.
Where were these taken?

ParisMarket&Brocante said...

Hi Reba! I would agree, Susie just might exhibit the highest level of badass-ery among us all. These photos were taken in Potomac, Maryland.