The Book of Life: People, Places, Things...but mostly people.

Lately, people have been leaving my life. It happens to all of us, people appear and people go. Kind of how you wake up one day and all of a sudden its hot outside, or all of a sudden its winter and you're reaching for your heavy coat. All of a sudden the time has changed, the hour is different, the moments have passed.

I was just starting to hatch my "writer in the window" idea when I met Melissa at a bar downtown after one of her shows. A mutual friend introduced us and we hit it off right away. She was already well underway on her music project, "Lady Lazarus" and when I spoke of this new writing idea I had, she supplied another dollop of enthusiasm that spurred me on to go give it a try.  She visited me in the window as I clacked away on my old portable Royal typewriter and I went to her shows where she stood at her Yamaha keyboard singing soft, slightly haunting songs; the sound a bit reminiscent of Joanna Newsome.

We were able to express some different ideas we had about life and art and what the two together could be. We were both lucky in that sense. We had an idea, we went with it, and people helped us along the way.

And Travis, a fellow writing buddy of mine is tripping up to New York, to take his luck in the big apple...as most people eventually do. Among other things, Travis used to write horoscopes for this site: New York is Boring which is how we met. He took cliches, news, disappointing aspects of human behavior, and mashed them into amusing clouds of clairvoyancy. 

I'll miss them both.

I'm a little transitory myself, so I understand all this moving around, but now the shoe is on the other foot and I'm feeling a little sad. When two good buddies leave in the space of two weeks, you can  start to feel kind of left behind. And with all this leaving, it got me thinking about photos and scrapbooks and that I really don't have enough pictures of my friends and that I need some photos for when I start missing them. I feel now that I need to take more pictures, write more things down, and have a nice grand place to keep the images, the stories and memories of friends and life as it comes and goes. I'm thinking this time I'll start a great big book, one with many, many pages. Enough room for everybody.

One of our giant canvas covered journals. Bound in handsome leather with gray pages. 12" x 18"

or if you want to start small...just click on image to see on our site.

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