A Few of Our Favorite Things

A Few of Our Favorite Things
Here's Isabelle, popping out of her favorite suitcase after a long voyage, ready for work. And already on the phone with her travel agent for another trip! This chic and spunky Paris Marketeer is always teaching me new French, and as you can see from this shot, always up for new fun! Here are a few of her favorite things:
1. Plush Cotton and Terry Spa Robe 2. Louis Vuitton Suitcase 3. Fig Apricot Soap 4. Sugar Plum Lip Treatment 5. Sugar Lip Polish 6. Nautilus Shell 7. Brass Bird Cage with Ceramic Bird 8. Vintage Telephone 9. The Luxury Bathroom 10. Glamourous Rooms


Kelsey said...

Isa is the best!!! I love this shot so much!

Reba Baggett said...
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Reba Baggett said...

Je t'adore, Isa! Et les choses, et aussi cette photo!