Loving Leather Arm Candy

Sometimes you need a little arm candy.
Fresh in are these gorgeous purses and leather cuffs.

Handsome leather cuffs with brooches that you can change out for a different look. Have fun rifling through your jewelry stash for those long forgotten pieces that will get a new life on these cool cuffs.  The leather is buttery soft and the snaps and straps are a nice change from the ol' lobster claw clasp---gives it a bit of an edge.
And these clutches are just beautiful. These are handmade in Venice, by one of six traditional leather-making families still creating this type of work. The colors are luscious and each is hand painted and hand embossed with 24K gold. (!!) The intricate designs and basic forms are original to the company's beginnings more than 100 years ago. And, its the first time this family's work has been sold outside of Venice. So you won't find these everywhere...just sayin'
Click here to view the purses on our site.
What are your favorites?


Akasya said...

Sooooooo beautiful! Is there an order form?

The Violet Lion

ParisMarket&Brocante said...

Thanks Akasya!
We're in the process of putting them on our site, but you can call us and order them too. :)

ParisMarket&Brocante said...

on our site now! http://www.theparismarket.bigcartel.com/product/venetian-leather-purse