A Perfect Match!

1.Large and small bug paperweights 2. Leather fly swatter

3. Glass cigar tray 4. No-smoking enamel sign 5. Candy Cigarettes 6. Price's Anti-Tobacco candle

8. Fresh Nectarine-Milk body wash (smells like warm summer peaches) 9. John Derian marzipan fruit coaster 9. Thank-you peach basket note card

13. Silver tea strainer 14. Rock candy 15. Kusmi Tea- Anastasia (Russian earl grey! its my personal favorite) 16. Vintage teacup
What's better than getting a gift? Giving one! and even better than that are thoughtfully considered gift sets. Just a few small items that when added together create an even more memorable gesture. Its the idea of a nice candle with a beautiful box of matches but taken to the next level. Here are just a few parings of some of our favorite items from the shop that could be considered to be boxed up together and sent out as a little "thinking of you" or wrapped up as a special hostess gift for your next summer party.

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Reba Baggett said...

AH! I love this post. Such wonderful groupings illustrated in the most charming fashion.