Postcards from Paris: {At the Market: characteristics of religion}

Strolling through The Paris Market, one may wonder if there are any personal connections to Catholicism. There are several consistent elements alluding to the fact that at the shop, it’s something we find intriguing. From the small Milagro charms and simple, elegant Santa Rosa candles we get from Mexico to the aged bronze-toned cathedral lights which hang over an old altar that was discovered in rural Georgia. Downstairs there are statues of saints and of Virgin Mary who keep our collection of various candles in theme.
Though I am not personally affiliated with the Catholic faith I love the history and art that surrounds the religion. I don’t remember the specific moment where I felt that intrigue immerge. Perhaps it occurred when I found myself overly impressed by Bernini's Ecstasy of Saint Teresa during an Art History class, or maybe it really blossomed after living in Paris, where so much of the city’s history is reflected in the cathedrals and churches. Wherever the curiosity first surfaced, I don't entirely know, but it's a nice notion having it around in a artful manner at the shop. It adds an additional antique element amongst the history surrounding our Savannah.


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Eugenia Woods said...

Catholicism as well as Orthodox have some really beautiful artistry from the Milagros to the icons and paintings. Lots of talent and visual appeal. Very lovely post. =)