The Right Time, The Right Place, The Right Perfume.

Light, airy, optimistic - great for lunch with the girls at the beach house.
Clean Coral, Mineral Salt, Watercress, Crushed Citrus.

You just got paid and your ready to fan the flames of happiness with a shopping binge!...or you'd just like to have a lemony life in spirits.
Bright citrus infused with jasmine, cypress and oakmoss.

 A night at the Opera: Soft, light, pretty and bright. You won't clog up the air in the theatre but you and yours might not stay for the second act anyway...
Grapefruit, lush greens, white jasmine and tuberose, warm patchouli, golden amber and rich vanilla musk. 
(read: HEAVENLY)

You're heading out for a long night of debauchery. Its sensual, its exotic, but you're ready for it. Think Patchouli's suave, sexy, and sophisticated older brother.
 Patchouli, cannabis and rose.

 Crisp, clean, and brimming with confidence, wear it to a job interview and you can leave your resume at home.
Coriander, White Sage, Birch Wood & Tundra Moss

Neat and refreshing citrus --- great for the office --- and in this travel solid, easily tossed in your purse.
Bulgarian rose, pink tulips, vanilla orchid, lilac, amber and sandalwood.

 Light, flowery, cheerful -great for a first date.
Mandarin, Tuberose, Gardenia & Vetiver.
 Heady, strong, dominating, but oh so irresistible...
Musk, white peach and ginger.

Warm and inviting, perfect for meeting family and friends at brunch!
 Saffron, ginger, papaya, Moroccan rose, sandalwood and musk. Ahh...

  What's your perfect perfume?

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