A Few of Our Favorite Things

A Few of Our Favorite Things:
Susie Brown
Susie is The Paris Market Chef, The Paris Market Barista, The Paris Market Birthday Cake Maker and the Paris Market Wisecracker here. And we wouldn't have it any other way! You can check out her cooking class here, and dip into her times on the high seas as a chef here. Apparently, Susie thought my job was getting a little too easy, so for her favorite things she chose the largest items that little half pint over here could carry up the stairs. Its good though, we have lots more than little things here at The Paris Market and these larger statement pieces deserve a little face time - we threw out the grid format, moved the couch to be in front of the mirror and just piled things up around her -and on her actually, if you look closely, her favorite teacup is balancing on her head--> scroll down for a closer look. Here's Susie with a few of her favorite things:
1. Green Velvet Couch (that everyone wants), 2. Hand Carved Art Nouveau Mirror from Budapest, 3&4. Sea Salt Caramels in vintage demi-tasse teacup and saucer, 5. Metal Lyre lamp with charcoal drum shade, 6. Paris Market Signature Candles "St. Germain-des-Pres", 7. One Kilo of Cafe La Semeuse (very good coffee!) 8. Large Dough Bowl, 9. Belgian Laundry Baskets, 10. White Metal Planter Bowl

a closer look at #3(gorgeous!)

a closer look at #6


Curtains In My Tree said...

well now doesn't Susie look cute

I am loving that huge basket

can't wait to get back in your shop


Reba Baggett said...

Nice portrait. I love that green couch, too!

Kelsey said...

Haha Susie. This is amazing!!!