Postcards from Paris: {A Stroll through the Shop}

I am back home.
Though I only spent about 5 years in Savannah, which is less time than anywhere else during my childhood years, I feel comfortable calling it home. I have had many enriching experiences here in this small southern town, many of which that have shaped my character in particular ways. The oak trees that I have left, still remain with their strong statures, carrying bundles of Spanish moss in their winding, thick branches. Though most of the time the humidity is unbearable, I do find comfort in the afternoon thunderstorms.
The elements of the city combine and make me feel at home, but honestly there is no place that can give me such simple ease as a stroll through the shop. 
I loved seeing the new things we have in. I loved seeing Matt's displays, and Kelsey's illustrations, and Monica's letterpress. Susie immediately made me a coconut-line seltzer, which I nursed while brushing up my french with Isabelle, and sharing small stories of life-abroad with Christina, Shelby, and Michele, and then finally meeting fellow blogger Lauren.
Paula and Taras hold the store together, with roles similar to parents, and all of it made me feel very much at home. I am looking forward to taking more photographs of everything intriguing we have in.


lauren said...

Welcome home Reba! Everyone is happy to have you back! and what a nice post :)

ParisMarket&Brocante said...

I am so glad you are back!! We have missed you!

Meriwether said...

Our make-shift homes and make-shift families, with Thanksgiving dinners, bikerides, beach sleep overs, is something that is so near and dear. Savannah will never be replicated.