Shades of Shelby

When I first came to The Paris Market, I was blown away by all the creative energy rolling, bouncing, and tumbling joyfully from one project to the next. Everyone here has things they do extremely well, and our talents and abilities complement each other's rather marvelously. The result is a werkbund of creative spirits spinning their magic daily. So the next time you love our windows, or you think we have really cool displays, YEAH! we did that!
Shelby Massey is one such player on the creative team who does some really impressive work. She says the fun part is figuring out how to make it all happen:
"I enjoy the challenge of figuring out the best way to do things, and what material will work best for each part of a piece."
Here she is on one of her most recent projects - (just yesterday actually) 
making Ice Cream Cones that look good enough to eat:

And some of her gorgeous tissue paper flowers:

 The diabolical marionette she created last Halloween:

The dancing elf she made last Christmas, and an emerging moth she created just last spring:

Thanks Shelby! Go Paris Market Go! 

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