2012 Cometh

I have to admit, Christmas was great but I'm happy to put the Christmas music away and focus on future endeavors. I'm a big fan of the future, mostly because I haven't screwed it up yet. Its floating slightly ahead of me, just out of reach -the way coyotes stay just far enough away from the fire so you can't see them. You can just hear them yipping and yowling and their paws scampering over the dusty dirt. And now I'm hearing 2012 a-yowling! Its less than a week away! This year was a big one for me.  I was lucky enough to work on projects I wanted to work on, find a job (not always easy), battle my food allergies, make some great friends and be introduced to new ideas. Of course there's also stuff I'd rather forget, and turning the 2011 page, no matter how proverbial it is, helps me let go of all the ick. A fresh calender, a fresh stack of paper, a fresh year. 2011, You've made me happy, you've made me weary. Time to say goodbye.

We have a New Year's Resolution Tree in the store. Please come downstairs and share some resolutions / wishes with us. We love to read them and it helps us get inspired for the New Year too!

Some of our favorites have been:
~ to begin living (at 53) ~ Ray
~ Success is found in the least expected and treaded on my many, go there, succeed! ~ Keszie M.
~ LOVE fully, DREAM extravagantly, GIVE graciously, BELIEVE deeply, THINK creatively ~ LR

Let us know in the comments section!

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