A Crafters Guide: Greeting Card Garland

Hello again Paris Market readers!
It's Jessica your go-to how-to girl, bringing you another holiday craft that will swing you into the seasonal spirit. 
I love the detail of decorating during this time of year. Every surface covered with the twinkle and magic of Christmas. One of my favorite holiday adornments is the garland. Whether strung up on a tree or lining your mantle, these little strands of seasonal cheer really can create a special atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy. 
This week we will be creating our own unique garlands out of greeting cards and vintage bits to send the message of Christmas for all to see.

Supplies Needed

5 vintage holiday greeting cards
75 inch strip of grosgrain ribbon
Vintage magazine, newspaper, or printed paper
Craft Glue
Star shaped cookie cutter
Colored twine

Step One

Using your star shaped cookie cutter, trace and cut 16 stars out of your vintage magazine. I chose to just use black and white images since all my holiday cards are in color. I thought the contrast was really interesting. Have fun with the images you choose to cut out. Try pairing just plain text with a picture of a snow covered hill or maybe a christmas tree ad.

Note: If you don't have access to vintage magazines, try finding some printed paper that inspires you at your local craft store.

Step Two

Using a small strip a glue, adhere your greeting cards to your length of grosgrain ribbon. Space each card roughly 8 inches apart. 

Note: My garland is made for a 65 inch long mantle. When making your own custom garland, measure your mantle or hanging space first and then adjust length accordingly.

Step Three

Cut 8 pieces of colored twine. With a brush and your glue, coat one side of your paper star. Place one end of twine at the top of your star and then sandwhich the twine with a second star. By doing this, you are hiding your hanging twine and creating a clean polished look. Continue this process until you make 8 completed stars.

Step Four 
Create an accent star for your garland. I chose to use a set of wooden stars found at a local craft store and covered them in glitter. Make your garland your own by choosing a foiled paper or a small ornament.

Step Five
Grouping 3 stars together (2 paper and 1 accent), tie a knot onto the grosgrain ribbon in between each greeting card. I chose to layer each star at different heights to give them a falling look. Repeat this step 4 times until each space between your greeting cards is full.

And Voila! Now it's time to trim your tree, mantle, or doorway with your handmade greeting card garland!

I can just feel the crafty christmas spirit taking over!
Tune in next Wednesday for another holiday how to and be sure to pop by my blog home, Strawberry Moth for more how tos, vintage love, and handmade projects!

Happy Crafting!

xo, Jessica

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