Wrapping it Up

Some people shop a little all year and then they're completely done by the time Thanksgiving rolls around and they're all ready to go carousing around town enjoying the season without any stress. I am not one of those people. I like shopping in general, for myself, for others...but I have to be psychologically pumped and primed with christmas music, holiday cards, hot chocolate, temperatures below 70 and maybe a little bit of glitter before I get going in full force.  I have the most fun when I just go to stores with no lists from anybody and I see something and its just perfect for my mom or for one of my friends that would normally be impossible. Of course we have lots of cool stuff at Paris Market that will make great gifts, but we also have really cute paper and stickers for when your ready to wrap it all up and give it away.

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PuppyLovePrincess said...

those elf and cupcake prints are the cutest wrapping paper i've seen all season!