Inspiration at The Paris Market

Our whole raison d'etre at The Paris Market is to inspire people. From the creative team designing displays (Shelby and Kelsey) and doing special projects (like our fabulous windows) to creating espresso magic at the coffee bar, we love to put our energies and talents together to create an inspired and energetic atmosphere alive with possibilities. So, I get excited when the enthusiasm spills over and people respond to our ambiance by incorporating The Paris Market into something that's special to them. From cheeky photoshoots to weddings to wacky writing projects, The Paris Market has inspired a gamut of creative manifestations. It also allows me to see the store through fresh eyes and gain a new perspective on things.  And of course, they always bring their a style and panache all their own.
Vintage inspired shoot with Perla Middleton
Love the angle on this shot and the kicky red heels!

photos: Joe Burke at Seraphim Imaging
A pic sent to us via our twitter feed:


 photos: Lily Lewin, more at her blog ojobox
Kelsey's wedding: getting ready at The Paris Market

love this shot!
And of course, me: I thought it would be the perfect place to write. And it was!
It's all about inspiring people. What's better than that?

What inspires you?

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Adriana Iris said...

YOUR PLACE INSPIRES ME... And many of my readers agree... I have posted many photos of your place always my source of inspiration.