A Few of Our Favorite Things

A Few of Our Favorite Things
Paula Danyluk
I know, y'all thought we would never get to her right? Well we were saving the best for last! I once called her the "idea lady" Paula Danyluk is the woman who started this whole ball of vintage wax back in 2005, along with her husband Taras. Inspired by her love of world travel and world cultures, she brings back the most luxe, the most interesting, the most unique, in short the Creme de la Creme from her travels and we get the spectacular and inspiring feast that is The Paris Market. She also let's everyone who works here be as creative as they want and even once entertained an odd writer who wanted to sit in the window with her typewriter. Go Paula!

I'll let her take you through a few of her favorite things...
1. Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment in Plum:  Love the translucent color. Keep it in my purse at all times. Rub a little in on my cheeks as needed during the day.
2. Fresh sugar scrub: A must before every party or when you are showing a little more skin than usual.  It gives your skin a silky feeling and glow which is perfect for the holidays.

3. Love the vintage perfume bottles and case from India. The faded velvet interior make this piece feel so nostalgic.

4&5 The new felt and leather bags we got in. I bought the carry all for myself and the iPad cover for my husband!

6. Beaton: The Art of the Scrapbook. This book is just plain fabulous! In the course of his decades-long career as a photographer for Vogue and Vanity Fair, as well as a British war correspondent, Cecil Beaton documented lives both famous and quotidian. Composed of his own prints and clippings from magazines, newspapers, and playbills, the pages are a rich narrative of his creative process. Love it. 

7. My daughter loves this little french doll, "Jeanne". Her hair looks like ours when we wake up!

8. I love, love, love vintage dishes.  The more the merrier. I don't want anything to match but every piece should have some age.
What are a few of your favorite things?

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