Susie goes to Amsterdam

Well it happened again. I blinked and Susie jetted off to Amsterdam to rendez-vous with her husband Chris. Si chic, non? She did a lot of chilling, went to the concertgebouw, visited coffee shops and did a little shopping. On the food report, there was lots of Indonesian food, Good Thai food, a plethora of Argentinian Steakhouses and a new Dutch favorite for her: Hutspot! (Potatoes, ground carrots with sausage) Sounds like some delicious comfort food to me. She made it over to Rijksmuseum and the famous Concertgebouw, known to have some of the best acoustics in the world. Here are some shots from her trip!
 detailed and leaning buildings built on canals, and gorgeous wood shutters

to market to market, to buy some fresh food...


 Salut Susie!

When you get tired of walking around and visiting coffee shops (haha) There's also plenty of art to see:
Hanging at the Rijksmuseum: Vermeer's "Humble Milkmaid"

Of course you will find some Rembrandt there too; "The Night Watchman"

And don't forget to check out this guy at the Van Gogh Museum

Happy Adventures this holiday season, 
wherever you travels take you!

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