And the stockings were hung by a young opportunist.

 Handmade stockings by Jessie Matz - Cotton and Burlap
As a young(er) one, I learned that if you hung up your stocking, Santa would come and fill it up with goodies. Cogitating on such a wonderful phenomena, it hit me that this would be a great way for all the family pets to get something too! I mean, how would Santa know there were pets to be gifted if they didn’t have their stocking hanging up! Assuming the mantle of goodwill to all, I cut out two pieces of white felt and stitched one up with red thread for my cat Smokey. Sewing felt together was hard on a seven year old’s hands, and I wasn't sure I could finish many more by Christmas Eve, so I snooped around in the cabinet underneath the record player and I found three little stockings that had come with our McDonald’s happy meals. The hamsters Thumbelina, Hunkamunka and Jasper would all have to share one. The other one went to the three parakeets we had: Sweetie Pie, Honey Bun, and Cutie Boy.  And the fish would have gotten a stocking too except right at this glorious moment a voice from the kitchen came: “I don’t think the fish need a stocking. I mean, really, what’s Santa going to bring them?”  
Anyways, Santa came through. The hamsters got treats-sticks, the cat got toys, and the birds got a new cuddle bone. Success! And the poor fish didn’t get anything-----because they didn’t hang up a stocking! Thanks a lot Mom! Wow, only seven and already playing the system. I have no idea why I write. I should have gotten my MBA.

Don't forget to hang up your stocking!

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Anonymous said...

Who knew you could be the Ghost of Christmas Past charming me with your story?!
I lived it again through your eyes.

Mary from NY.