Christmas at the Aerodrome!

One of my favorite holiday recollections of all time is A Christmas Story by Jean Shepherd. I too, had a father who cursed mightily at the oil burner, snowsuits we couldn't move in, and a brother who'd sometimes return home bloody from neighborhood fights.

I thought I would find some good holiday stories floating around among us at The Paris Market, although sadly some people are out this week and I couldn't pick everyone's brain. However, Isa was in today and had the most charming Christmas story ever!
 Isabelle Brassard: Now we know where she caught the adventure bug!

Christmas at the Aerodrome - as told to me by Isabelle Brassard

"I grew up in a small village in France called Vinon sur Verdon, it was only about 3,000 people. And my grandfather Alban, was president of the local aerodrome - a small airport for private planes and many people would fly in from England and Germany and the surrounding areas. But every Christmas, Santa would arrive by plane and land in the airfield! All of us kids would race out on our bikes to meet him - a group of us all pedaling as fast as we could, tearing down to the landing strip! We felt like we were in E.T. Like we were flying! It was so much fun. Then Santa -dressed in his red suit with his big bag of toys - would hand out little tea sets to the girls, and trains and things to the boys. Oh it was so much fun!"
Santa's view: Coming in for a Landing at Vinon de Verdon (image: panoramio)

Thanks for a great story Isabelle!

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