A Crafter's Guide: Peppermint Package

This weeks Crafter's Guide is in the spirit of gift giving.
It can be a challenge bringing that personalized Christmas cheer to faraway friends and family. Instead of wrapping up your gifts to-go the old fashioned way this holiday season, try this peppermint inspired package idea to warm the hearts of your loved ones and show off your Christmas spirit.

Supplies Needed
Colored Felt
Gift Tags
Glue Gun
Candy Filler
Gift Boxes

Step One
Cut your colored felt into 1.5 inch strips. Proceed to then cut half inch slits down each strip of felt. Make sure to leave at least a quarter of an inch at base of each strip.

Step Two
Roll each strip of felt on uncut end to create a pompom. Dab a spot of hot glue at the end of strip to secure and prevent unraveling.
Note: Try alternating colors and layering to strips together to create a multicolored pompom.

Step Three
Using your glue gun, attach your tag and ribbon to the gift box.

Step Four
Coat the back of your pompom with glue and attach to your box. Use as many or as little as you want follow your creative instincts. Try off-setting your ribbon and decor or use different sized pompoms and create a covered package.

Step Five
Fill your mailing box with your festive gifts and use your candy filler to create an unforgettable backdrop and spread seasonal cheer.

I cannot wait until my faraway friends and family open their Christmas packages this year!

A few more tips to help your gifts reach their destination safely.
  • Don't reuse old shipping cartons. Package gifts in a new box that will stand up to the rigors of holiday shipping volumes. Old cartons may collapse and may display previous address and return address information that could misdirect the package.
  • Place labels directly on the shipping carton. Don't wrap shipping cartons -- old or new -- in brown paper. If the paper is torn from the box during shipping, the shipping label will be lost too -- and the package may become undeliverable. 
  • Place delivery information inside the package, as well as on the delivery label. If the delivery label is lost, the carrier will still be able to complete delivery. 
  • Duct tape is for ducts, not for shipping packages. Duct tape loses its grip in cold weather, and masking tape, painter's, and electrical tape are not strong enough to stand up to the shipping process. 
  • No strings attached! Don't tie packages up with string. String can get caught in sorting machines, resulting in mangled packages and damaged contents.

Happy Holidays and as always Happy Crafting!

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