It's a Wrap!

Yesterday we had a delightful morning presenting several of our gift wrapping ideas for all of the ladies attending this year's A Gracious Christmas event. Hosted in the beautiful First Presbyterian Church right here in Savannah, we made sure to keep the atmosphere as cozy as Christmas morning! While the ladies attending enjoyed sipping on our freshly made hot chocolate, we jumped right into the presentation, offering all of our Paris Market gift wrapping trade secrets! One of the most important points we wanted to stress this year is that you don't have to spend all of your money to make something look beautiful. For many of our gift wrapping options we chose nature as our main theme and several items included on our gifts are natural pieces that can easily be collected in your back yard! Also, it was very important to us to keep the wrapping paper simple. We chose a warm grey kraft paper as our main paper of choice and then let the ornaments and ribbon do the rest of the work. For us, one of the most fun aspects of the presentation was coming up with different solutions for different people. We made sure to showcase options that we felt would be exciting not just for your children but for the husbands of the ladies attending A Gracious Christmas as well! We hope everyone who attended feels inspired to wrap some beautiful gifts this Christmas and until next time, that's a wrap!

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