Yearly Recap: The Best of 2013

As most people tend to do on New Year's Eve, we can't help but look back on the past year and remember all of its most wonderful moments! The new year isn't even here yet and we're already feeling nostalgic for last year's memories! 2013 was truly an amazing year filled with an amazing group of friends, exciting events and memories that we'll cherish for a lifetime. If 2013 is any indicator of a great year at The Paris Market then we know we can expect nothing but the best in 2014! Enjoy some of our favorite highlights from 2013!

The Paris Market Family

The ever growing, ever amazing crew of hard working creatives!

Artist Spotlights and Staff-Made Products

FOUND Jewelry - Erica Wilson crafts a wide variety of beautiful jewelry from found objects and materials that have become a Paris Market standard!

Lily Lewin - Lily enchanted us immediately with her hauntingly beautiful photographs, especially her taxidermy series. It wouldn't be The Paris Market without Lily's photos hanging on the walls!

Strawberry Moth - When it comes to greeting cards and paper goods, the shop of Strawberry Moth always steals our hearts!

Collin Garrity & The Pale Blue Atlas Club - Our favorite woodworker, Collin's brilliant products range all the way from children's toys and Christmas ornaments to lighting fixtures and furniture. Collin has certainly carved his niche in the Paris Market!

Our Favorite Barista - Susie's delicious homemade scones were an instant hit the second she brought them into our cafe and now we can't imagine sipping coffee without them!

Chef John Besh Book Signing

When it comes to great recipes and delicious cuisine, no one does it like Chef John Besh! We we're very fortunate to be able to host Chef Besh for a book signing for his third cookbook, Cooking from the Heart, and it was a true delight!


It's never easy to say goodbye, and saying farewell to Monica and Cole this year was very difficult! We know Monica and Cole we'll do great things wherever they go so we're excited to see where life takes them next!

Window Displays

2013 brought on some of our best window displays yet, including classic film inspired displays, as well as those inspired by nature, camping, fashion, jewels and so much more!

Spongebob Squarepants comes to Savannah

By far one of the most exciting events this year was watching Antonio Banderas race up and down Broughton street in a pirate ship. The filming of Spongebob Squarepants 2 kept us plenty entertained for the couple weeks they were in town!


Truly one of the happiest moments of the year - our beloved blog contributor and Parisian correspondent Reba tied the knot! Congratulations!


And finally, we wrapped up the year with a few of our ideas on wrapping gifts for the holidays. Of course, there are so many other wonderful memories from 2013 but the new year is approaching and we need to save room for all that it may bring! Happy New Year! See you in 2014!

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such a lovely year!