On the Shelf: Marvelous toys for girls and boys

A recent addition to The Paris Market, and one of our absolute favorites as well, are these adorable, hand painted dolls by Blue Raspberry Designs. Founded by Valentina Felce, Blue Raspberry offers "marvelous toys for girls and boys". Each doll is delightfully unique and made by entirely by hand. After dabbling in different fields, Valentina discovered her true passion in illustration and making toys that represent those illustrations. Although we love all of Blue Raspberry's Designs, one of our favorites is the gentleman pictured below, who is actually the artist Salvador Dali! Complete with his famous mustache and melting clocks tattoo, this little guy is definitely on several of our holiday wish lists! Perfectly acceptable for children of all ages, Blue Raspberry Designs' dolls are guaranteed to make someone very happy this holiday season!

Available at The Paris Market!

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Those dolls ares so cool!