The day after Chrismas...

It's always hard to know how to treat the day after Christmas. So much has been building up to the most magical day of the year, how do you come down from that? For most it's a time to relax and take in the beauty and the business of the day before. For the still young at heart its a day to play (or display) with all the goodies you received on Christmas morning. For the grinch among us, its time to start tearing down the tree and trimmings, and go back to business as usual. Wherever you may be this day-after-Christmas, we hope you had a beautiful holiday filled with loved ones and good cheer! We're taking today (and as many of the next few days as we can...) to hold on to the magic of this time of peace and joy just a little bit longer. Snuggle under the tree at least one more evening, and take in this special time to be with loved ones. We've had a wonderful season of decoration preparations, and hope you've enjoyed it as well! If you waited too long to pick up that special something this year (or are already thinking ahead to next year...) come by the store and check out the lovely Christmas ornaments that are still on display- starting today all Holiday decor is 50% off!
Wishing you all a weekend of warm wishes!

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