Roland Pine: The scent of Christmas

One of our favorite things about Christmas time is all of the wonderful scents that are notorious with the holiday. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, coffee brewing in the kitchen, gingerbread houses baking in the oven and of course, the ubiquitous smell of a Christmas tree's pine needles. With our Roland Pine candles, the scent of pine is no longer exclusive the room where we decorate our tree, but can now be enjoyed anywhere our hearts may desire! Over the years we've found that unfortunately holiday candles can run the risk of either smelling too strong, or too artificial, but light a Roland Pine candle and you'll swear you're hiking through a dense forest in search of the perfect Christmas pine! Available in various sizes, including triple wicks and votives, these soy candles make perfect Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers!

 Available at The Paris Market!

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