Setting the Table: White and Gold Tea Party

When it comes to decorating the house for the holidays, lining the dining table for a festive feast is right up there with decorating the Christmas tree! Mixing subtle tones of white, gold, silver and alabaster, we've set the table for an elegant evening filled with cups of hot tea and plate after plate of delicious holiday fare. Running the length of the table and unifying the centerpiece, we've placed a garland of white cotton that not only adds an element of nature but helps offset the metallic dishes and flatware as well. Utilizing our holiday wreath placemats and snowflake ornaments, we've turned each table setting into a meal filled with Christmas joy. And, just in case anyone at the table happens to look up, we've taken it upon ourselves to add some holiday cheer and decorate the chandelier above with some of our favorite Christmas ornaments! Each day that passes we get more and more excited for Christmas, especially when it comes to dining with friends and family. Thankfully, we've already set the table for the delicious meals ahead! Bon appetit!

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curtis03 Lewis said...

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