Postcards from Paris: { coutume cafe }

A few blocks away from Le Bon Marché, where I work each day, there is a charming coffee shop off rue de Babylone. It's a chic quartier with several charming storefronts. Usually when I finish work, I get straight on the train and head back home, but I had some time the other afternoon and I decided to take my time, maybe getting lost and stumbling upon something that would make my day exceptionally different from the Monday before. The season is changing quickly, which always is the case after Thanksgiving. Christmas trees are out in front of florists, beautiful wreaths are being hung on shop doors, string lights are up along cafe terrasses, and heaters are lit full force while people order more and more hot chocolate instead of quick espressos. I have to admit that stumbling upon Coutume Cafe was no ordinary happy mistake, but instead a preconceived idea influenced with the modern help of Pinterest. An image of this clean-lined cozy cafe popped up on a friend's board, with the name just below. Intrigued by the nature of the photo and the potential comfort one could feel in its atmosphere sipping on a warm cup of chocolat chaud on a cold, cold day I made an exception to my idea of spontaneous strolling and sought this one out.
47, rue de Babylone

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