Notes from Abroad: The best of the bakery

While enjoying the holidays abroad with family, we wanted to share some of the things we love most about Europe during this wonderful season. This week it takes the form of delicious breads and pastries from the local bakery! It goes without saying that bakeries all across Europe have their own unique and delectable flavors specific to their regions. As we are currently in the southern most corner of the Black Forest in Germany, we rounded up this collection of our favorite delicious and traditional Schwartzwalder treats to share with friends and family back home!

Stollen - a traditional holiday loaf filled with dried fruits, marzipan and dusted with powdered sugar.

It wouldn't be Germany without the pretzels! / The Berliner - a jelly-filled, sugar-dusted favorite!

Weckmann - another beloved treat around the holidays in the form of a little man made of sweet bread.

Schnecken- or "snail", a delicious sweet rolled pastry filled with any number of nuts and dried fruits.

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