Attention! Summer Hats are Here!

One Great Hat
Sleek and Chic in Summer's Heat
As a Leo, I am astrologically ruled by the sun, but that doesn’t mean wrinkles have to be part of the deal or that I must always don sunglasses while I’m flipping through Vogue out on Tybee.
All you need is one great hat.

And my search for the perfect beach hat is finally over. We just got in a nice fresh heaping of hats earlier this week; in a great selection in cotton, raffia, and straw. And I want to let you know they are going fast, one style in particular- a great big floppy brim straw hat, is literally flying off the shelves. That’s available in light beige, tobacco, gray, and black and white.

Hats, also, for some reason I can’t quite articulate, put an instant air of charm and romance around you. It’s a sort of mysterious sophistication - maybe it’s the added height and dimension that extends your presence just a little bit more. And beach hats in particular only get better with age – a little broken in, a little softened up, maybe slightly tattered, gently acquiring that salty air beach smell...
 Ah, summer…a Leo’s paradise of a season.

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