Au Pair de Vishnu

preserver of the universe
perception, imagination, forms and molds
We get a lot of unique things into the store, but sometimes certain things jump out at you and you just know they would be perfect for a specific place in your house, or they speak to you on some level of your personality and you feel like you “know” them. This is one such piece for me:
It’s a vintage glove mold, but I see the hands of Vishnu – you know, the blue Hindu God who dreams up the universe. In Hinduism he is a supreme soul: the all-pervading essence of all beings, the one who supports, sustains and governs the Universe and originates and develops all elements within; the 'Preserver of the Universe'.  It may be a big jump, but to me the glove mold looks like Vishnu’s divine blue hands reaching upward.

another shot of Vishnu: 
If you're intrigued, this is the guy to check out: Joseph Campbell and his wiki link.
For now, I leave you with his famous phrase:  "Follow your Bliss"

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