Decorating Ideas for Seashells and lacy Sea Fans

beast of a beauty
shells, sea fans and Nate Berkus
I'm not a huge TV watcher but I have caught the Nate Berkus show a few times and one episode in particular stuck with me -he talked about sea life being one of those elements that will always work in any interior. You just can't go wrong with shells, and coral, and starfish and urchins. I'm inclined to believe the affable and charming Nate. Nature is wondrous beast of a beauty and how could it ever look bad? Comment below if it can and I'm missing something important. I'm sure you would appreciate a little more reconnaissance than that, but that's about all I could take home before the guests went ga-ga and he literally spent the rest of the show giving out hugs, instead of pearls of design wisdom.

so, lets go to the pictures:
here's what we got:
and here's what you can do:
 what a stunner this is.  
reference: belle maison

here's what we got:

here's what you can do:
we have almost everything in this picture too,
all the shells and lacy sea fans, elegant chairs, the purple pouf...
reference: elle decor

we also have these nice solid conch shells
that remind me of crème brûlée or something lightly toasted:

more ideas...
 reference: belle maison

photo reference: Waterleaf Interiors

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