Postcards from Paris: {Le Petit Monde de Violette}

 A few steps away from Place Monge, one can be smitten by The Little World of Violette. Painted on the window in worn gold paint one is welcomed to Le Petit Monde de Violette. I met Violette through a friend who used to live in this quartier. She found herself amazed by Violette's world each time she would walk to the metro. She recalled an evening either coming or going where Violette and her array of eccentric friends were all gathered in front. Strings of lights were shining, music was playing, and tables were set up with flowers and food. That is what I call a business. Not only is the store composed of bundles and bouquets of flowers, but also amongst the sweet scents and colors nature provides, Violette contributes with her own statuettes of scarecrows and giraffes made with straw and twine, along paper mâché animals peering from behind the window. Most of her merchandise is laid out in front of her shop, but I found myself curious looking through the glass framed by antique lace to discover her various collections of gnomes and portraits hanging on the back wall each of embellished in intricate gold frames.
She showed me her Muguets that she was ready to sell the following day, to welcome the month of May.
She had such a comforting smile when she spoke of her flowers. She seemed so willing to share her world.
Le Petit Monde de Violette
83 rue Monge
75005, Paris .
Les Muguets are small, delicate flowers, with a fresh spring scent. Known as Lily of the Valley in english. They are the flower for the month of May. 
They are traditionally given to mothers, and to those who work on May 1st, and given any opportunity to inhale the lovely scent from les muguets I would recommend taking advantage of doing so.


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This sounds like a place I want to visit. How amazing, lovely writing by the way. You made me feel like I was actually there!


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yes, this is beautiful. Definitely got me in the spirit of May.