Mother's Day at The Paris Market

a guide.
I’ll be seeing my mom in New York soon, and per Reba’s post, giving her a bunch of Lily of the Valley seems so much more sophisticated then what the little de rosa kids did for mommy: Homemade breakfast in bed (probably not that good) served on the metal foldout strawberry shortcake tray, and tulips and daffodils ripped from the backyard and thrown in a glass of water. (we tried to chic it up as best we could.) “You didn’t rip up all of them did you?” she asked.
This year maybe you’ll get something from Paris Market, Mom! Wouldn’t that be nice?
 There is literally something for every Mom in this store, 
so take a look and get down here...

I would start with a great tray from John Derian. THIS is one of my favorites.

Then, I would add a sweet little bottle of perfume.

Of course there is always a fabulous selection of Art and Design books...

And if a super rad, adventurous, edgy woman is your Mom, I suggest this. LOVE!

See you this weekend & get your Mom something Good!

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