Postcards from Paris: {Le Jardin des Plantes}

Upon my recent arrival through the gates to Le Jardin des Plantes I realized I had been there once before, but during an entirely different state. I recall at that time, it was still in a state of frigid Winter. Even though there was still a sense of lushness due to the abundance of evergreens, the park seemed quite different. Now in the midst of warmer weather the Jardin des Plantes has taken on new scents, new light, and new vegetation to it's grounds. The fallen pine needles that lie in the sunlight give off a scent that reminds me of childhood camping experiences.  With the sunshine so bright and reflecting of everything I was thankful to have sunglasses.
Though lately, I have been taking advantage of this season for freckling. When my little friend asks why I don't bother finding a place to sit in the shade I tell her that I am collecting freckles, then she runs off, mostly playing under well-leafed trees that provide just what it is she wants. I didn't know before, but Le Jardin des Plantes is perfect for children. We kept noticing different groups of school children, each group seperated by either different colored t-shirts or ball-caps, but each group of children seemed just as interested as the other with the thought of running through and cooling down in the sprinklers that drizzled over all of the little plants and their little identification tags.
Another charm, the little identification tags. Many of the plants that lead up to the palace are labeled. Some with handwritten labels, others with a more formal font. I am inspired to create a little garden in my tiny apartment, with little labels reminding me who is who. Though I hope that idea doesn't become a fleeting one, I am quite content knowing that Le Jardin des Plantes is only a mere bus-ride away. This visit has not been the only thing to spark such an interest, but rumor has it that there are wonderful new gardening supplies found at The Paris Market. Is anyone starting a garden? Please share!
More of Le Jardin des Plantes to come as well as some other gardens in Paris. In the meantime:
Happy Gardening!

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